The Desert Mountain HOA represents the interests of all Desert Mountain property owners through the work of the Board of Directors and its professional staff. The role of the Board of Directors is to guide and formulate policy, to make decisions in the best interests of the community, and to manage strategic planning for Desert Mountain's future. The Board of Directors is comprised of nine Desert Mountain property owners elected by their fellow owners to serve three-year terms; the Association's professional staff implements the decisions the Board makes. 

Desert Mountain's Board of Directors and staff rely heavily on the input and participation of individual members through an extensive network of committees and an advisory group known as the Council of Presidents, which is comprised of the presidents of the eight individual incorporated village associations and the twenty unincorporated villages.

Homeowners Association (HOA) Duties

The HOA is professionally managed by CCMC and presently functions with a staff of 14 employees who effectively: 

  • Carry out all of the administrative and clerical functions of the community
  • Facilitate the community's governmental process
  • Process all assessment and member communications
  • Supervise all contractors that maintain the Association's common areas

Desert Mountain property owners can be assured that the work of the HOA and its professional staff helps protect, preserve, and enhance home values, community safety, and the overall quality of life in Desert Mountain.