eGo Tags

Desert Mountain Community is a double-gated community with gates on the two exterior entrances to the Community as well as gates at each village entry. 

Access to the Desert Mountain community is controlled automatically with eGo Tags and Portable Transponders set forth in policy to regulate and administer the use for HOA Members and Vendors as defined below.

To have an eGo tag installed in your vehicle, complete the eGo tag Application and visit the Desert Mountain Construction Service Entrance Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Remember to bring your driver's license and proof of insurance.

Please encourage vendors that routinely visit your property to purchase an eGo tag.  This small investment will save them considerable time getting through the gate and will help decrease congestion at the construction entrance.

Costs (subject to change without notice)

eGo Tag

  Homeowner/Club member/Tenant $35 – one-time fee
  Vendors      $30 – 6 months
$50 - 12 months 
  Windshield Replacement   $17 – one-time fee

Portable Transponders

   Homeowner/Tenant    $140 – one-time fee


eGo Tag

  • All eGo Tags are non-transferable
  • Limit of five eGo Tags per homeowner regardless of the number of lots owned
  • Non-resident Club members are given 20 hours a day access to Desert Mountain and no access to Villages
  • Club employees are given 20 hours a day access to Desert Mountain and no access to Villages

Portable Transponders

Are available for purchase by homeowners only under the following circumstances:

  • eGo tag is proved by HOA and/or Security Staff not to adhere to the vehicle’s windshield or not to work
  • Extenuating circumstances determined by the Executive Director
  • One transponder per owner entity regardless of the number of properties owned
  • Transponders are not to be used by anyone other than the owner of the property

eGo Tags found to be transferred from one vehicle or transponders found to be used by someone other than the property owner will be turned off without warning  and the privilege of owning a portable transponder will be immediately revoked without warning.

The Process

Ego tags expire after two years. Notification to renew your eGo tag is automatically sent to owners who are in the Homeowners Association (HOA) email database a month before tags are due to expire. If you receive this notice or if your eGo tag no longer opens Desert Mountain gates, simply call the HOA office at (480) 635-5600 to reactivate your eGo tag. Verify that you own the same vehicle(s) to renew your tags for another two years free of charge.

Note: If you are not listed in the HOA email database, contact Candy Taylor, Receptionist, and she will add you to our list.

Owners with portable transponders are notified via email (if their email address is in the HOA database) when the portable transponder is to expire and can be renewed without charge for one year.

Additional Information

View the Desert Mountain Community eGo Tag and Portable Transponder Policy (PDF) for additional information regarding fees and terms.