General Security & Safety Information

  1. Safety & Security Services
  2. Helpful Suggestions
  3. What to Do in an Emergency
  4. Desert Mountain Speed Limits
  5. The Desert Mountain Emergency Information System (DMEIS)
  6. Wildlife Relocation
  7. Technology

Put the Main Gate phone number in your cell phone as a speed dial:- (480) 635-5630.


  • Alarm response
  • Arrival screening
  • Community patrol
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Desert Mountain Emergency Information System
  • Gate Access Control
  • Medical Trained in: First Aid and AED, CPR, and EMR
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Vehicle jump start service
  • While You're Away Property Watch - by request only
  • Wildlife response

The Desert Mountain Community's security is provided by Anderson Security Agency and plays a pivotal role in making Desert Mountain the safe community it is, which certainly contributes to the quality of life all residents enjoy when they are here. In addition to manning the access gates into the community (no easy feat, as almost 1,000,000 cars enter and exit the community each year!), Anderson Security performs regular patrols throughout Desert Mountain to ensure the safety and security of our residents. Along with the arrival screening, gate access control and community patrol we also provide traffic enforcement at Desert Mountain.