Architectural Review

DRB PhotoThe Architectual Review Committee (ARC) provides guidance and direction for all exterior projects, ranging from the construction of a new home to advice for exterior landscape lighting.  ARC strives to provide a positive experience for homeowners throughout the process.  Collaboration in preserving, protecting, and enhancing the special environment is key, through adherence to the Architectural Review Guidelines. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and remember that any changes to the exterior of your home, including painting, landscaping, additions, façade work etc. require the homeowner to participate in the Architectural Review process.   Please reach out to Architectural Review Manager Don Berg at with questions.

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Property/Lot Overview

Vacant Lots: 286

Completed Homes: 2,003

New Homes Under Construction: 71

Home Modifications Under Construction: 169

Projects in Design: 68

  1. Don Berg

    Don Berg

    Architectural Review Manager

  1. Sherry Gray

    Sherry Gray

    Architectural Review Administrator