Landscaping Within Desert Mountain

Landscape Services - Common Areas
Provided by: DLC Resources
Monte Varah: Director of Operations (480) 635-5607

  • Village entry maintenance. 
  • Maintain common area irrigation systems.
  • Trees and plants fertilization, pruning, planting and removal.
  • Drainage system inspections and maintenance.
  • Common Area erosion control, Rip Rap replacement, street sweeping and storm clean-up.
  • Back-flow Irrigation Valve inspections and repairs.
  • Supplemental watering of trees and plants. 
  • Monitor water usage.
  • Mistletoe, Cat-Claw, Acacia Rust (fungus), Tamarisk Yellow Dodder and Witches Broom control.
  • Proactive spray program for weed control.
  • Weekly trash cleanups.

Landscape Seminar 2019