Desert Willow


Scientific Name: Chilopsis linearis

Common Name: Desert Willow, Desert Catalpa

Family: Bignoniaceae, Trumpet Creeper Family

Duration: Perennial, deciduous

Size: Up to 30 feet

Growth Form: Tree or large shrub; willow like in profile.

Leaves: Green; mostly alternate, lower leaves opposite, deciduous, narrowly linear, linear lanceolate, curved.

Flower Color: Light pink or lavender; The lightly fragrant flowers are large and showy for a desert species, almost orchid-like, lobes and corolla throat with purple streaks or spots and yellow ridges, flower margins wavy and ruffled, fragrant blooms on       terminal branch tips, post bloom drop fruits are    conspicuous slender hanging pods.

Flowering Season: April to August

Comments: It is used as an ornamental in desert landscapes for its attractive foliage and profile and beautiful flowers.