Anderson Thornbush


Scientific Name: Lycium andersonii

Common Name: Anderson Thornbush

Family: Solanaceae, Nightshade or Potato Family


Size: Up to 10 feet

Growth Form: Densely branched, rounded, thorny; young branches flexuous, silvery-white to tan, the older branches with silvery-tan to dark brown bark.

Leaves: Thick and fleshy, more or less succulent, up to .67 inches long and ~.3 inch wide. Leaves are shed in dry conditions.

Flower Color:White to pale purple; tubular of very narrowly funnel form; Fruits are red or orange-red.

Flowering Season: March through April

Comments: Lycium andersonii has been used for food and to make hunting and fishing items by    southwestern indigenous peoples. It grows from a large fibrous root system which can extend over 30 ft. from the base of the plant.