Catclaw Acacia


Scientific Name: Acacia greggii
Common Name: Catclaw Acacia
Family: Fabaceae, Pea Family
Duration: Perennial
Size: From 5 to 12 feet or more. (20')
Growth Form: Small tree or large shrub; rounded with many branches; armed with sharp, stout, cat-claw like thorns; form thickets along streams and washes.
Leaves: Green or gray-green; twice-pinnately compound;
Flower Color: Creamy-white; flowers in 2 inch spikes, fragrant, fruit a contorted pod (legume).
Flowering Season: April to October.

Comments: While dormant in the winter months, acacia greggii is one of the greenest plants in the desert during the spring and summer months. A great summer bloomer and very fragrant.