Golden Eye


Scientific Name: Bahiopsis deltoidea (var. parishii)
Common Name: Golden eye
Family: Asteraceae, Sunflower  Family
Duration: Perennial

Size:3 feet more or less.
Growth Form: Shrub or subshrub; erect, multiple branched, hairy.
Leaves: Green; shiny, triangular or ovate, with petioles, mostly opposite lower, alternate above, margins toothed or entire, rough to the touch, scabrous, covered with fine grayish-white hairs.
Flower Color: Yellow; large, 2   inches, often solitary heads or in clusters of 3 to 5; radiate heads; ray flowers with 8 to 15 ligulate florets; disk flowers numerous, flower stalks peduncles long; whitish or green up to 5 inches, seed is an achene.
Flowering Season: January to  October, two blooming seasons, spring and fall.

Comments: Parish’s Goldeneye is one of the more common subshrubs in low  desert habitats in Arizona and southeast California. It is easily recognized with its bright showy yellow flowers, shiny green triangular shaped leaves and whitish     canescent stems.