Scientific Name: Simmondsia chinensis

Common Name:Jojoba
Family: Simmondsia ceaeor Jojoba Family
Duration: Perennial

Size:Up to 6 feet or so, usually much less.
Growth Form: Shrub; plants with multiple erect stiff branches;
Leaves: Green, bluish-green, dull green; evergreen-like; sub-sessile; opposite; thick leathery; margins simple; leaf shape variable oblong-ovate
Flower Color: Yellowish; flowers on short peduncled; flowers unisexual, male and female flowers on separate plants, fruit an ovoid leathery capsule, looks like an acorn.
Flowering Season: December to July
Comments: Used for sores, as a cathartic, as a coffee like beverage, the nuts were made into cakes, eaten fresh, and made into a nut butter. It is an attractive plant that needs little water once established. Jojoba is readily browsed by deer.