Pink Fairy Duster


Scientific Name: Calliandra eriophylla

Common Name: Pink Fairy Duster
Family: Fabaceae, Pea family or Leguminosae Family

Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 2 feet, usually less, 2 or more feet wide.
Growth Form: Shrub or subshrub; without thorns low-growing, multiple straggling branches. Can be cold deciduous.
Leaves: Green or gray-green from pubescence; alternate, compound with bipinnate leaves; leaflets ferny.
Flower Color: Pink, whitish or purplish-red; long exserted stamens; flowers few, showy, open fluffy shaped pink balls, up to 2 inches; fruit re-curving flat dehiscent legume, margins thickened.
Flowering Season: February to May.

Comments: Fairyduster is common where found and an important landscape plant in the southwest as they are attractive, although somewhat inconspicuous at the same time, and thrive in extreme heat. Once established, Fairyduster needs very little water to maintain a healthy appearance. The scientific name "Calliandra" translates to beautiful stamens.