Redberry Buckthorn


Scientific Name: Rhamnus crocea

Common Name: Redberry Buckthorn
Family: Rhamnaceae, Buckthorn Family

Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 6 feet or so; (13 feet max).
Growth Form: Shrub, tree; bright green with hollylike leaves and bright-red fruits, stem bark gray, multiple branches, spreading, stiff, some branches tipped with thorns; glabrous; with terminal bud scales.
Leaves: Green; evergreen; leaves variable, obovate, ovoid or sub-orbicular, leaf margins dentate or entire; leaves with small petioles; leaf surfaces glabrous, leaf veins not prominent.
Flower Color: Yellow; inflorescence 1-6 flowered with pedicels, flowers unisexual; 4 sepals, petals 0; fruit showy bright red berries, globose.
Flowering Season: March to May, possibly again in October with ample rainfall.

Comments: Rhamnus crocea is used for food by North American indigenous peoples.