Scientific Name: Trixis californica

Common Name: Trixis, American threefold
Family: Asteraceae, Aster family

Duration: Perennial
Size: To 3 feet.
Growth Form: Shrub, subshrub; erect stiff stems, branching, glandular with short hairs.
Leaves: Dark green; alternate; lanceolate, with petiole or sessile, entire or serrate, margins revolute.
Flower Color: Yellow; flower heads solitary or clustered; bracts of modified leaves surrounding flower heads; semi-radiate flowers, 4 to many; corollas, 2 lipped, outer lip is a ray-like ligule with 3 teeth, lips curled under; flowers fade to white; fruit is an achene.
Flowering Season: February to October or throughout the year.

Comments: Common the Sonoran desert it grows best amongst other plants. Evergreen.