Scientific Name: Adenophyllum porophylloides

Common Name: Dyssodia, San Felipe Dogwood
Family: Asteraceae, Aster or Sunflower Family
Duration: Perennial
Size: 1½ to 2 feet.
Growth Form: Subshrub; woody base, erect multiple stems, glabrous, stems and branches slender; plants aromatic.
Leaves: Dark green; basal leaves opposite, cauline leaves alternate; leaves pinnately lobed, lobes narrow, 3 to 5 parted, linear to cuneate or oblanceolate, oil glands at base of each lobe at tip.
Flower Color: Yellow; becoming orange or red-orange; heads may be radiate or discoid; ray florets 10 to 14; disk florets 25 to 40; flower heads on tips of stems (peduncles); bracts or phyllaries 12 to 20, glandular, lanceolate, separating in fruit; fruit achenes with pappus scales composed of basally fused bristles.
Flowering Season: March to June and again from October to December, with ample summer rainfall.

Comments: The smell of this species is one of the more recognizable features, along with the oil glands at the base of the leaves. Although described as foul smelling… I like the smell. Run your hands thru the leaves to smell it.