Palmer's Penstemon


 Scientific Name: Penstemon palmeri

Common Name: Palmer’s Penstemon
Family: Plantaginaceae

Duration: Perennial
Size: Up to 4 or 5 feet more or less.
Growth Form: Forb/herb, subshrub; plants glabrous, glaucous; suffrutescent
Leaves: Green, light green, grayish; basal and cauline leaves; leaves paired; leaf shape variable, oblong, triangular, leaves clasping; margins dentate.
Flower Color: Pink, pale pink, lavender; flowers showy, fragrant; flowering stalk is glandular hairy; corolla inflated (puffed-up) from tube; stamenoid exserted, long-bearded, yellow; flowers along stems narrow clusters.
Flowering Season: March to September.

Comments: Penstemon palmeri has large showy fragrant flowers attractive to native honey bees. The flowers have a sweet, rose-like, floral fragrance.