Scientific Name: Erioneuron pulchellum, re-classified to Dasyochloa pulchella

Common Name: Fluffgrass
Family: Poaceae, Grass Family

Duration: Perennial

Size: 6 inches or so
Growth Form: Dwarf, tufted perennial, can appear annual; numerous stems. Bunch grass.

Leaves: Leaf blades subulate, needle-like, tip pungent, Leaf blades very narrow or filiform.
Flowering Season: Summer and fall. The flowers (florets) of grasses are often minute and therefore not visible to the naked eye.

Comments: The tufts of hairs can give the tops of plants a white, snowy appearance, especially late in the season. Early season new leaves are often covered with white cobwebby fluff which easily falls off. One of the hardiest of the small perennial grasses, it responds to very little rainfall and is often found on overgrazed or denuded soils. This plant is quite attractive.