Purple Threeawn


Scientific Name: Aristida purpureas

Common Name: Purple Threeawn
Family: Poaceae, Grass Family

Duration: Perennial

Size: to 18 inches tall and as wide.
Growth Form: Erect, small, perennial bunchgrass, elliptical stem, can be (but not often) branched at lower nodes.

Leaves: Simple, tan or green. Narrow or spike-like, with short ascending or appressed branches.
Flower Color: Purple seed heads which wave gracefully in the wind.

Flowering Season: April thru October

Comments: This low-growing prairie grass is good for erosion control on banks and provides a root matrix for many wildflower species. They have fibrous roots that can really grip the soil and keep it from washing away. In general, the taller they are, the longer their roots are.