External Affairs Committee


In establishing this new committee, the DMMA Board and the committee members decided that it is important to take specific steps to leverage the size and scope of the Desert Mountain Community. 

 For example, the entire Desert Mountain area represents approximately 7.5% of the City of Scottsdale. We have real estate valued at approximately $3 billion. We have almost 2000 homes and approximately 6000 residents. Our members pay millions of dollars in property taxes annually as well as millions of dollars in sales taxes for all the commerce we generate in Scottsdale and throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

We believe that these facts are not well known to elected and appointed local and state government officials nor to prominent businesses such as telecommunications providers and other vendors who serve our community on a regular basis. 

External Affairs Committee Charter

Steve Umland - Chair
  • Steve Garry
  • David Roberts
  • Kim Hochschuler
  • Allen Shimizu
  • Wendy Whitman