It takes all of us to do our part to reduce the risk of devastating wildfires from threatening our homes and our community. A home and a community that has clear defensible space are more likely to survive a wildfire, plus it keeps our firefighters on the ground safe when they are working to save your property. Mirabel, Terravita, Tonto Hills, and Whispering Hills are among 125 communities in Arizona that are already part of the program. To reduce our risk of wildfire spread, the Desert Mountain Board of Directors has requested that the Village of Desert Mountain begin working to earn a Firewise USA® designation for the community.

What is Firewise

The Firewise USA® program from the National Fire Prevention Association is dedicated to helping people learn how to live in a wildfire region, offering certification programs to HOAs that help diminish fire hazards around homes and neighborhoods while—in some cases—reducing homeowner insurance costs. To learn more, visit:

Project Details and Timeline

The HOA has already started taking measures toward becoming a Firewise community. Since 2017, we've been actively removing invasive plants in common areas. It takes more than common area cleanup to earn the designation and protect against wildland fires. Homeowner property makes up a large portion of our community and also needs to be compliant. 

The Firewise team will be working with individual Village Presidents and representatives one Village at a time to address the landscape. 

Take Action

This is a big project, and it will require the entire community to participate. Homeowners will need to make sure that their property is Firewise compliant. When you create a  well-maintained, live vegetation zone on your property, it acts as a fire break and helps to prevent damage to your home during wildland fires. To get started: