Two Organizations, One Community

What is the difference between the HOA and the Desert Mountain Club? The Desert Mountain HOA and the Desert Mountain Club are two separate organizations working together to provide the best experience for both Desert Mountain Homeowners and Club Members. Not all Club Members are homeowners and not all Homeowners are Club Members. However, a majority of Homeowners are also Club Members.

The HOA and the Club meet on a regular basis, and through a strong partnership and commitment to excellence, they work together to make sure Desert Mountain remains one of the best private communities in the United States.

Desert Mountain HOA Responsibilities:

  • Security
  • Gate access control
  • Gate repairs
  • Emergency response
  • Patrol
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Landscaping/Maintenance
  • Parkway median
  • Village entries & common areas
  • 8’ easement along roadway
  • Trails (maintenance)
  • Street maintenance
  • Architectural Review

Executive Director – Terra Waldron

Board President - Kevin Frawley

Desert Mountain Club Responsibilities:

  • All golf courses
  • All clubhouses & restaurants
  • Sonoran Club – including tennis, spa, and pickleball
  • Seven Club – including bocce ball
  • Trails (Programming)
  • Horseback riding
  • Camping
  • Dog park
  • Lifestyle Programming

CEO – Damon DiOrio

Board President – Stephen Harper